Companies and Programs Double Their Efforts

Almost everyone desires to have that valuable plastic.  A credit card in the eyes of a teen is the pathway to financial bliss.  Clothes, shoes, music and more are all the hands of your teen when a credit card is involved.  But ignorance is not always bliss, programs are promoting financial awareness in high schools to derail abusive financial decisions in college.  CARE, one of those programs, is now available in 47 states and is making a difference, teaching high school students how to be financially responsible and avoid burdensome debt.  Another company, Fast Credit Card Approvals doubles those efforts by offering online advice and personalized credit card solutions to promote the responsible building of credit.

CARE is offered through the West Tennessee division of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  Kelly Rousseau, the education outreach coordinator states that the program has a particular need in Tennessee’s Shelby County.  This county is where personal bankrupt is widespread.  Last year, 12,000 people filed for bankruptcy.  Rousseau states that she’s adapting the program for high school seniors, trying to take education in a route that’s preventative.Teaching-Teens-on-how-to-manage-credit

Getting to Teens Through Life Examples

Just how is CARE getting to teens in a way that will benefit students for life?  CARE offers a series of presentations on the hazards of credit abuse.  It also showcases the benefits of great credit and budgeting practices. What seems to resonate with teens the most is the fact that CARE also teaches these concept by using real life examples of people who’ve gone through the court system.  The program is getting to teens by showing the full perspective on how credit card abuse can devastate their lives.  Seeks to Promote Responsibility and Solutions

In addition to CARE, companies are making efforts to offer solutions that will offset frivolous spending for high school seniors. has a wide array of credit card solutions for those in the market for building credit.  It is sites like these that are marketing to students, but in beneficial ways. provides tips and personalized credit card options that will help the up and coming student, whether in college or high school, to incorporate responsible spending habits into their routine.  This is another way to curb the rise of bankruptcy among the younger generation, due to lack of education on the right way to spend.

There is a growing sentiment that credit cards can be very useful tools.  None of these programs or companies seek to discourage teens from using credit cards.  In fact, they do just the opposite.  They promote the use of credit cards, but the key point is to get young cardholders to be responsible.  This will help aid in the rising bankruptcy epidemic and lower the debt ceiling for our future generation.  Getting to teens while they’re most vulnerable will allow for us to build a stable financial future.


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