Who doesn’t use credits card today? These items have been around for a few decades already, and they’re popularly used for conveniently (and affordably) paying bills, and buying a wide assortment of products and services. One of the most popular credit cards today, is the Best Buy credit card.  Best Buy is a popular US consumer electronics retailer, which began operations in 1996 as an audio specialty store, and later got rebranded as a consumer electronics shop. It now offers a credit card, which allows users to avail of juicy discounts on computers, television sets, and other electronic gadgets or appliances. Here’s how to get instant approval for a credit card from Best Buy.

Log On to the Best Buy Website

The first step in getting a Best Buy credit card is by logging-on to their web site, and reading the credit card’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Once you’re done reading, decide on which credit card type is applicable for you.

Click “Apply Now”

After choosing the appropriate card for you, click the”Apply Now” button for your chosen card. A new link will appear, and this is where customers like you fill out a separate application form. You’ll also have the option of becoming a loyalty member through Best Buy’s Reward Zone card application.

Properly Fill Out The Application Form

Fill out the Best Buy credit card application form, and make sure you thoroughly check your first and last names spelling, and write down your social security number, date of birth, state ID number and driver’s license.

Review Your Contact Information

After filling out the credit card application form, it’s now time to review all information you posted, including your physical or home address.

Enter Your Contact Details

When entering your contact details, ensure that you type in the correct office and home phone numbers, and your mobile number and e-mail address, in the next set of form fields.

Complete Home Address Infobest-buy-credit-card

As soon as you’re done entering the appropriate contact numbers, choose if  your current home address is rented or owned, and also list the date where you began living there, as well as write down the monthly rental or amortization payments.

Enter Current Employment Info

Write down your current job in the Best Buy credit card or Reward Zone employment section. In the Employment Status drop-down box, choose whether you’re working full-time, part-time or self-employed.

Read the Disclosures Section

Finally, make sure you read the “Consent to Receive Electronic Disclosures” section.  This portion includes details about your credit card application, company privacy statements, and other details regarding the Best Buy credit card and Reward Zone credit accounts.

Congratulations, you’re now a few steps away from getting instant approval for a credit card from Best Buy! You can now use this card for all types of purchases, and short-term financing purposes.  However, before using it, keep in mind that most credit cards have borrowing limits, which are mostly pegged on the individual’s credit rating.