These days, people can get almost everything in an instant. Information is ready to be read and downloaded from the internet, and booking flights and vacations take only a few clicks of the mouse. Even the approval of credit card applications recently has become instant. Before it would take days and weeks before applications could be approved. However, as credit scores can already be pulled from an online database in just a few seconds, applications can be approved within a minute or two.

Here’s how to get instant approval credit cards:

Search the internet

Most credit card companies allow online applications and grant instant approval online as well. Use a search engine to look for credit card companies that offer instant approval. Take note that not all credit card companies offer instant application approval. Make sure you refine your search and to find the best companies that offer the best features. capital_one_credit_cards

Compare features

Don’t settle for the first credit company that pops out of the search engine. It pays to search well and compare interest rates and privileges. Some good companies that offer instant approval are Capital One, Discover, First Premier and Serve.

Call the company up or go online and wait

Once you’ve found the right company, call them up or register online. Applications usually last for only a minute or two. The company only needs to pull out the applicant’s FICO score and based on that score – instant approval could be granted. Most companies grant instant approval for people with credit scores ranging from 680-700. For people who scored less, there still are many options for instant approval. There are some credit card companies who offer services to people even with bad credit scores. They usually offer higher interest rates and fewer rewards, but the credit line can be opened.

Some notes to remember

Instant approval credit cards heavily depend on a person’s FICO or credit score, so it’s important that a good credit score is maintained. There are also some cards that only pose as credit cards and require an initial deposit. Don’t fall into this trap, as these are actually debit cards and lay high interest rates.

For those who do not qualify for instant approval credit cards, there are three more options that one could apply for:

  • Secured credit cards – These cards are easier to qualify for. The only catch is they require an initial deposit that serves as a loan guarantee.
  • Co-signing with a person with good credit – If the applicant has a friend with a high credit score, then they can co-sign a card with the applicant, using their credit score to guarantee the debt.
  • Debit and prepaid debit cards – These cards store up cash but do nothing for the credit score.

Finding a good credit card company that offers instant approval credit cards is not a difficult task, but it does rely on one’s credit score. If a person is planning to apply for instant approval, he must build up his credit score first, and establish a good debt record.

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