For this you can start by taking credit card against fixed deposits offered by various banks. Limits of these credit cards are typically around 60% of the value of the fixed deposit. These are secured credit cards and in case of any default the banks can use the fixed deposits to recover the credit card dues. Once you have this credit card, you should create a track record by paying the bills on time. You can easily get a credit card that is unsecured after a payment track record of at least 12 months. You should make purchases in small amounts from your credit card but regularly. This would create a track record with CIBIL and the banks will know that you will pay off your bills regularly without default.

In case you have some gold with you, then you can also take loan against gold. Please make sure that you take the loan from a bank and not from a NBFC dealing exclusively in gold loans to make sure that the repayment is reported with CIBIL. You should try this method, as an alternative to taking a personal loan. Or else this method will create unnecessary liquidity, which you don’t want. Again pay off the loan in time, so that you will also create a payment history with CIBIL.

You can also take a loan to buy a car or a home. – Since these are secured loans, getting a loan for a person without a credit history is much easier. Since the loan is secured, the lender in case of default can sell of the asset (car or home) and recover its outstanding loan amount.

Taking a credit card against a fixed deposits or a gold loan will help you to create a credit history over a period of one year. Once you have build a payment track record, then you can get a credit card which is unsecured or any other loan easily.