Best Rewards Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping 2012

With the holiday season fast approaching, millions of people are currently making plans for what items they will buy as gifts for family and friends. However, they often do not think about how to pay for their items to get the most benefits. Purchasing items with the right credit cards for example can be beneficial to your financial situation and provide you with great rewards as well.

The first step to making your credit card purchases is taking a moment or two to plan out what items you will purchase with the right credit cards. Too often, people simply get caught up in shopping and use credit cards that can create problems for them if they have no rewards or revolving debt that must be paid off without penalty before the holiday season is over, which can leave you short of cash for another purchase.

There are certainly a great number of credit card companies that offer rewards for their customers. However, many of them come with fees or rules written in small print that do not make them very beneficial to use.

Of all the credit cards you can choose for the holiday season, Capital One has shown to be one of the best. . There are different versions of the Capital One card that you can use for different types of rewards or advantages that you can use after the presents have been unwrapped.

Capital One offers great rewards for customers who use these cards to buy gifts over the holiday season or anytime of the year. Here are just some of the cards and programs that Capital One offers its members.

Capital One Classic Platinum Credit Card: This is the standard credit card for the millions who use Capital One, the rewards that can be used are as follows;

– 50% annual cash back bonus

– 1% cash back on all purchases

– Obtain the cash back anytime.

These bonuses have been a standard with Capital One cards and can work to your favor when making purchases over the holidays. Since the cash back reward system become more beneficial each time you use your Capital One card, you get more cash back, especially since you can take the cash back at your convenience.

Journey Student Rewards: This is an excellent program for students who have just obtained their first credit card. This is also for people with average credit who need a little help in keeping on track. The advantages of using this reward program include;

– Build Credit

– 1% Cash Back on all purchases

– Bonuses for on-time payments

You can also use the Cash Rewards for Newcomers program as well from Capital One, a great way to be introduced to the Capitol One program.

When you consider the programs, services and rewards that all credit card companies offer, the Capital One credit card certainly stands at the top when it comes to providing great benefits for those who make their purchases with credit cards, especially over the holiday season. When choosing a credit card that provides you with the most benefits this holiday season, the clear choice is Capital One. To find all the Best Credit Cards visit