Fingerhut is not only a great retailer that offers amazing products at affordable prices; it is also a great way to rebuild a credit rating.

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fingerhut-credit-card-how-to-applyThe program works by making a one-time purchase between $50 and the credit limit which you have been set. You choose a product within that credit limit and put down $30 as a down payment. You then pay off the balance in six or eight easy monthly payments or if you wish you can pay it off much quicker. When you have made all of the payments you will then gain a larger credit line as long as the payments were made on time.

This is an excellent program that allows a person to buy products that they might not be able to afford if they had to buy them outright, it also shows a credit reference agency that the consumer are responsible with money and they can pay off their credit bills. This will allow credit reference agencies to look at the credit file again and give them a better credit score.

Let’s have a breakdown of the Fingerhut Credit Account benefits

  • A person can receive credit the same day
  • Monthly payments start as low as $5.99
  • No annual fees
  • No Application fees
  • No over limit fees.

The Fingerhut Credit account is the best way to repair a low credit score. As well as being able to buy affordable products and pay for them on credit, the credit account is also allowing people to repair their credit that is a must for people who are considering a mortgage in the future.


The Fingerhut credit account helps the consumer to repair their credit in a positive way.