When you are talking about building good credit from the ground up, it can sometimes take a little while to gain the trust of creditors. Here are a few ways that you can use credit cards to build credit fast.


Start with a secured card. This means that you have to save up a little money to send to the creditor. You basically keep an account with them with a certain amount of money in it. Then you get a card with a credit line that equals the amount on account. It’s a backup in case you don’t pay. Then use the card for small purchases, and pay it off as soon as you get it every month.


Before long you will be able to apply for store cards or gas cards. Get ones that you will use each month. For example, pick your favorite department store and a local gas station. Follow the same practice of paying these cards off every month.

 Build Credit Fast

Next come major credit cards like Visa or Master Card. Once you can get an unsecured credit card, you have made your way into the world of credit. Paying all of your cards on time, and not letting them get close to a maximum balance will help you to maintain good credit.Credit-cards-can-help-you-build-credit


Be sure not to apply for too many cards in a short period of time. This also would include any installment loans you have applied for such as a car loan. When you buy a car, it is generally a good idea to wait a year or two before applying for any other credit.

 Build Credit Today!

These are just a few of the best ways to build credit fast with your credit cards. A warning – the fastest way to wreck your credit is to cosign for someone else once your credit is good. If they are not responsible with their credit card use, it will reflect on your credit score.


If you used to have good credit and are looking for a quick way to fix it, the best method is to pay down your balances as fast as you can. Other things take time. You may need to make all your payments on time for several years after accounts go delinquent. It can also take a couple of years to clear too many credit checks from potential creditors. The primary thing that you can control is your balance. So don’t let it get out of hand, and if it does, work hard to pay the cards off.