Compare the Best Student Credit Cards for 2016

The top-rated student credit cards are intended for the younger adult with an average credit score (due to prior credit issues) or minimal credit history in the past. To sign-up for the student credit cards it is a requirement to earn a regular income or have a co-signer. A benefit of using the co-signer is the potential to get the more attractive interest rates since the approved card is based on the information gathered from the co-signers credit history. Also, students with a stable income or solid credit rating are in a better position to get assigned the best student credit cards with a low ARP compared to those with no prior credit record.



Discover it for Students

An attractive credit card for the student includes the Discover it for Students with its wide-ranging cash back and bonus offers. A 5% cash back is given on the most Student Credit Cardsimportant categories (limited to $1500 per quarter), while a 1% (unlimited) cash back is provided elsewhere. Other attractive features include fees waived for the first late payment and no penalty interest rate. So, if you miss a card payment in the early life of signing up for the credit card, you needn’t be so concerned with having to cover the cost of extra charges.


Elsewhere, for those traveling, this student credit card offers a perfect travel companion. Even though restrictions are in place for the countries accepted, for those overseas destinations it can be used, no foreign transaction fees are applicable.

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