Top-rated Credit Card Deals for 2016

Whether you are a student, family man, traveler, or average Joe, you will certainly find savings and rewards with the best credit cards offers for 2014. Since there is no single credit card able to match every lifestyle, it helps to sign-up for the card able to benefit the personal usage, which may relate to issues on existing debt, travel habits, and how you spend. ##Here are three of the best credit cards offers available in the financial marketplace:




US Bank Cash+

An applying credit card for those with rewards or cash back in mind relates to the US Bank Cash+. A positive of this card compared to many others in the market is the option to choose a preferred bonus category for the higher cash back earnings. A 5% cash back is given on the chosen categories, while a lower 1% or 2% cash back given on other items like drugstores, groceries, and gas. A negative aspect of the US Bank Cash+ is the lack of a sign-up bonus. If preferring to get some sort of bonus for signing up to the best credit cards offers it may help to look at the Capital One Quicksilver card.


American Express Blue Cash

If searching for the credit card with the most attractive reward rates given in relation to the cost of driving a car or buying groceries, you want to look at the American Express Blue Cash. This credit card offers 6% cash back on food shopping (limited to $6000 per year), 3% cash back at gas stations and department stores (unlimited), and 1% cash back elsewhere. A further attraction of the Amex Blue Cash is there is no annual fee to pay.