This Year Choose The Best Options for You

As the year comes to a close and the holidays swing back around, consumers will be looking for the best credit card offers to fund their holiday-time gifts.  Whether you have great credit or you’re a struggling student with no credit at all, there are several options that can meet each consumer’s needs.  If you have no credit, it’s important to know what to work towards.  Students and newcomers also have a choice when it comes to establishing credit.  Nevertheless, here are 2013’s best credit card offers of the year, and you don’t want to miss out.

The Best Credit Card Offers for Students

Does your college boy or girl like pizza?  Of course they do.  One of the main things that students in college spend money on is food.  The Citi Forward for students will cover all of their college spending needs.  And to top it all off, students will get 5 Thank You points for every dollar spent on entertainment and restaurants.  This rewards program also includes fast food purchases.

The Citi Forward also avoids the annual fees.  There is a 0% introductory APR for the first 7 months.  Students are also rewarded for great spending and payment habits.  Make payments on time and avoid hitting your credit limit, and the Citi Forward will lower APR by .25% every three months up to

Discover It for students is also a great card that has popped up on our list for best credit card offers this year.  Like the Citi Forward, Discover It offers 5% cash back on a broad range of categories.  There is no penalty interest rate, which is definitely needed for students.

The Best Credit Card Offers EVER

There are many more credit card offers that stand out in the 2013 year.  But here, we’ll focus more on the “adult-sized” credit cards, usually for those who’ve established credit already, and are looking for better options that will serve their needs. The Chase Freedom Visa with $100 bonus cash back is one of them.  The Chase Freedom is actually one of the top cards used in America and it’s easy to see why.  The October-December cash back quarterly category lets consumers earn 5% cash back on ecommerce sites like and select department stores.  Perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

The last card that we thought would be worthy of mention in our list of best credit card offers in 2013, would be the Blue Cash Preferred from AMEX or American Express. With this card, consumers are getting 6% cash back on purchases in the U.S. up to $6000 spent, and 1% thereafter.  But there’s more. Get 3% cash back on gas purchases and select major department stores.

As the holiday season is approaching and the cash registers ring at the swipe of that powerful plastic, it’s important to take advantage of the best credit card options for your unique lifestyle.  That’s why we’re bringing you the best credit card offers of 2013 for both your maturing student with no credit, and the mature adult.
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