0% purchase credit card deals allow you to spend money without incurring any interest for a limited time. This makes them ideal for things you want to buy now and pay back later, as well as a good ‘safety net’ for any unexpected costs (e.g. car repairs).

You’ll still have to make a minimum monthly repayment (usually around 3% of the balance), but you won’t be charged interest on any card purchases you haven’t paid off yet.


0% purchase credit cards enable you to buy what you want today and pay everything back in a few months’ time without being charged interest, for a limited period.

They’re ideal for making more expensive purchases, such as home appliances or holidays, and because no interest will build up you can repay what you owe more quickly.


You will still have to make your minimum payments, so if you’re looking to put off paying anything for a few months you’ll have to look at your other options.