If you know you can pay off a purchase or multiple purchases in the future, but you don’t presently have access to enough cash, then a credit card may be a good option. However, not all cards are created equal. There are good ones and there are terrible ones. This article will teach you what to look for when trying to find a credit card.

12 month 0 percent interest credit cards will give you twelve months of interest-free spending. Those who need to make purchases but want to avoid paying interest for them, will enjoy this offer. Make sure you know enough about the card though before you sign up. Also, make sure you only apply for up to two credit cards at a time. Applying for too many at once can negatively affect your credit score. And a good score is what gives you access to lower interest rates and better cards.

Find out what the APR will be after the 12 months are gone and whether or not it will be variable or fixed. A variable rate will change according to a formula they use, while a fixed rate will stay the same. 0 interest for 12 months is nice, but it will unfortunately end. The APR may be very high if it is the company’s intention to lure you in and hit you hard.

Learn if there is an annual fee and how much it is. This may come as a surprise at the end of the year. Don’t let it. Find out what the annual fee is. Some cards have them, some don’t. An annual fee is what the card company charges each year for you using their service.

Find out what the grace period is and what the penalty policies are. You can get hammered for missing a payment. Find out what the late fees are and also see what the grace period is. If you pay within the grace period, you won’t be charged interest. Of course, this may not apply for the first 12 months of an interest-free card, but if you intend to keep it past that point it may.

Make sure you find out the information above before you sign up for a new card. Finding out the above information can really help you steer clear of cards with terrible rates, fees and penalties. No one wants to be caught off guard opening their statement and discovering high rates increasing their balance. Do your research and dig for this information, it will only help you in choosing the right card.