Credit cards are an extremely useful staple these days. It allows the user to get short-term financing, and pay for major purchases, by showing your thin, shiny plastic card to the cashier. The funny thing is that there are many cards that offer “zero” interest rates, with all of them engaging in a massive marketing spree, to attract more customers. However, you need to be extra careful in choosing the right that fits your needs.  Here’s how to get the best rates when shopping for the best 0 APR credit cards.

Take Time To Research

There are many 0 APR credit card companies that are looking for compassionate customers like YOU. They’ve probably sent you offers through the mail already, or online. With so many choices, it would be better if you take time to do your research, and read through each credit card’s terms and conditions. Also make sure to check out if the offers being advertised online or thru the mail are indeed reputable. To do this, you can visit online forums and type the name of the credit card company, and see if you’ll get any negative feedback from others. You can also check out the credit card with the Better Business Bureau.

Provide Accurate Information

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of 0 APR credit card options, apply for the one that’s best fits your requirements. Make sure to provide the company with accurate and honest information so they can give you the right offer. Also write your current home address, telephone number, and the company you work in. Inform the company that you are likely to transfer your balance if they cannot match the offer.

Zero APR’s Are Often “Introductory” Rates

Remember that 0 APR credit cards are introductory rates, which last only for specific periods, and are also called “teaser rates”. The introductory rates often last from three to fifteen months, and after that period, the rate goes back to the normal range, or even higher. Thus, you need to ensure that you choose the best rate for an extended period of time.

Start Transferring Your Balance

Once you receive your new 0 APR credit card, it’s now time to transfer the balance. In the mean time,  you will need to continue to make minimum monthly payments, in a timely fashion so that your credit won’t be severely affected by the balance transfer.

In summary, you can get the right 0 APR credit card for your needs if you do your research, carefully evaluate all leads, negotiate with your current creditor, and transfer your balance to the new card. By stretching your patience, and carefully reading through each credit card’s terms and conditions, you will surely reap the rewards of your diligence for a awful long time, or at least until  you have to repeat the process again, once your 0 APR credit card’s teaser rate period ends, and you pay your balance in full.