Best Credit Card Offers for 2014!

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Best Credit Cards Offers For 2014

best-credit-card-offersWhether you are a student, family man, traveler, or average Joe, you will certainly find savings and rewards with the best credit cards offers. Since there is no single credit card able to match every lifestyle, it helps to sign-up for the card able to benefit the personal usage, which may relate to issues on existing debt, travel habits, and how you spend. Here are three of the best credit cards offers available in the financial marketplace READ MORE And APPLY TODAY!

Best 0 interest Credit Cards for 2014

Best 0 interest Credit Cards for 2014

The best 0 interest credit cards offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy no-interest balance transfers and no interest of applicable purchases for a set limit (often 6, 12, or 18 months). If you are currently holding a credit card with a sizable outstanding balance, an interest-free credit card offers one of the most attractive options for lowering the monthly interest charges and getting back in control of the finances. Likewise, if you’re planning on making a one-off purchase, a 0% credit card makes it possible to make the purchase without being so concerned with extra costs. If searching the availability of this type of credit card, it is also crucial to establish the standard rate of interest that applies once the promotional period expires. ... Read More

Student Credit Cards

Most students will be offered a credit card while attending college. College or student credit cards are a great way for your students to establish much needed credit. Most student cards offer low interest rates. It is very instrumental in teaching your young adult the importance of building credit. Learning how to use your student card wisely can be the hardest part.

The moment you step onto campus, students will be offered a variety of student cards to choose from. Things you should look for when becoming a student card holder. Though it will be tempting to have a couple different cards in your pocket it may be a good idea to use one at a time and gain the discipline and knowledge on how great a card works for you. Also, beware credit applications cause a drop in your credit score. Don’t risk lowering your score in an attempt to build or reestablish credit.

Look for introduction offers at 0% interest or low interest rates. Cash back rewards are great to. Earn rewards and redeem them for flight mileage or gift cards for thousands of stores restaurants shows, etc. Those rewards come in handy for spring breakers and for holiday gifts.

Student Credit Cards

No annual fees. Most students will start off using the card for emergencies or necessities. Therefore if they are not using the card they do not want to tack on a fee for just holding the card in their wallet for reserve. Most card holders want small monthly payments. Making sure if they carry a balance on their credit card they do not exceed 30% of the credit limit. This will ensure they do not overextend themselves and can maintain payments on time. Find out the charges for late fees, cash advance fees and other fees. Other ways to avoid over the limit fees are to keep balances down. Your interest rates will stay down and do not opt in to have over the limit transactions go through. If you don’t have the money to spend then don’t dig yourself a hole by getting used to going over the limit.

Check our balances often and never let you card out of your site. Unfortunately credit card identity theft is one of the most common crimes. As a student the last thing you want to worry about is your credit being ruined before you can establish it. Take caution and do your research before taking the first credit card offer you see. You are about to become a responsible adult, start by establishing your credit.

Compare the Best Student Credit Cards for 2014

The top-rated student credit cards are intended for the younger adult with an average credit score (due to prior credit issues) or minimal credit history in the past. To sign-up for the student credit cards it is a requirement to earnstudent-credit-cards a regular income or have a co-signer. A benefit of using the co-signer is the potential to get the more attractive interest rates since the approved card is based on the information gathered from the co-signers credit history. Also, students with a stable income or solid credit rating are in a better position to get assigned the best student credit cards with a low ARP compared to those with no prior credit record.